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Ai Weiwei (Chinese, b. 1957), Untitled, 2006. Offset from a colour photograph, mounted on board. Sheet: 15.2 x 22.3 cm.
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Bruno Munari’s “Supplement to the Italian Dictionary” (1963)
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Fred Sandback, born today in 1943, used linear outlines (here, made with yarn) to create sculpture. 
[Fred Sandback. Untitled. 1967]
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Responding to the systematic rape and murder of thousands of women in brutal acts of ‘ethnic cleansing’ during the Bosnian War, Jenny Holzerproduced the powerful Lustmord during 1993 and 1994.
The project is complex and thought-provoking, not least because its texts, images and objects call to observers’ own bodies, insisting that they participate in the work rather than stand outside it. Lustmord thus redefines the conventional relationship between desire and the gaze, which locates the encounter between subject and object as a unidirectional function of lack. 
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